French Toast Casserole Recipe


Time for another Saturday breakfast favorite!  This french toast casserole is a close second to the breakfast casserole recipe I shared previously.  Usually I cook some sausage or eggs or both to go with it, because it’s very rich and sweet.  You can prepare this the night before which is always a plus in my book.  On with the deliciousness and try to not lick the screen!

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Ok, confession time!  I added coconut milk and molasses to my recipe to test it out.  It was fabulous, but I forgot to compensate for it in the milk and eggs.  This left me with a soggy bottom and crusty top.  Still tasty, not such a good mouth feel!  So, the printable recipe will have the corrected amount of milk and eggs, which does not match this picture.  What can I say, it was late and I was tired!  Real life.

ingredients for casserole

Preparing the Bread

This French bread came from the local Walmart bakery and it’s only $1.  I usually buy one or two on my monthly big grocery trip and keep it in the freezer.  It’s better for the loaf to be a little stale to stand up to the liquids, so get one that feels a little stiff, not soft.  Slice it up into about 1″ pieces.


Make sure to spray down your casserole dish with some non-stick spray.  I like to use this refillable Misto sprayer.  I’ve had it for years and I love it!


Stack all the bread into the casserole dish.  Need a smaller casserole?  No problem, just use half of the bread and half of the other ingredients.


Add everything but the butter and sugar to a large mixing bowl or measuring cup.  Now whip it, whip it good!


Pour it all over the bread.  There should be some standing in the casserole dish.  Spoon the excess over the top and make sure you get good coverage.


Now wrap it up and put it in the fridge overnight or at least 2 hours.  You want the bread to have time to soak up all the goodness!


The Topping

The topping is just butter and brown sugar and can be made the night before as well.  Cut up the butter into chunks, which works better if it’s still cold.  Mine wasn’t, in case you can’t tell, because it sat on the counter while I prepared the bread and took pictures.  Again, real life!


Add the brown sugar and butter to a large bowl.  I usually start out using a fork to smash it all together.  Eventually, I use my hands.  You could use a mixer, but where’s the fun in that!


It should be a crumbly texture when you’re done.  Put it all into a baggie and then into the fridge.


Ready for Baking

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  Take everything out of the fridge and uncover the bread.  If there is liquid in the bottom still, drain it off.  Break up the topping while it’s still in the baggie, then pour it over the bread.  Tuck some down between the bread too.


Put it in the oven and bake for 30-40 minutes.  Everyone’s oven is different, so if you start to smell it, check on it!  When it’s done, take it out and let it cool.  It will be hard to resist picking off pieces to taste!

French Toast Casserole

Once it’s cooled, dig in!



I hope y’all enjoy this recipe!  What are some of your breakfast go-to’s?  I’d love to hear about them n the comments below!

French Toast Casserole Recipe

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour

Yield: 1 casserole

6-8 servings

Easy, make ahead breakfast!


  • 1 cup brown sugar, packed
  • 1/2 cup or 1 stick of salted butter


  1. Cut bread into 1" slices.
  2. Spray casserole dish with non-stick spray and stack bread into dish.
  3. Mix everything but the butter and brown sugar in a large bowl. Whip it with whisk until well blended.
  4. Pour mixture over the bread. Make sure to cover well!
  5. Cover the casserole dish and place in the fridge overnight or for at least 2 hours.
  1. Cut the butter into chunks.
  2. Place the butter and brown sugar in a large bowl. Use a fork to blend together until crumbly.
  3. Store in fridge overnight.
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Remove cover from dish and drain excess liquid.
  3. Spread topping over the bread. Press some between the bread slices.
  4. Place casserole dish into oven and bake for 30-40 minutes.
  5. Let cool before eating.
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