The Monthly Roundup ~ May 2017

Today is my 1 year blogiversary!  This kind of snuck up on me y’all!  I didn’t realize today was the day until I logged in & WordPress said “happy anniversary!”  As exciting as that is, I have nothing special planned for today besides the regular monthly roundup.  My son graduates tonight, so this week has been all about practice, pictures, & award ceremonies.  Maybe I’ll celebrate next week!  I would like to thank all the readers out there in internet land.  Without y’all, it might be a little lonely! ?  It’s always fun to see comments from readers & meet new crafty people!  Let’s see what happened in May 2017 & what’s ahead for June.

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the monthly roundup May 2017

Blog News

Last month I decided to try out a blog schedule to help keep me on track.  That’s working well for me {besides a few bumps!}, so I’m officially posting the schedule for the blog!

Weekly Posts:

  • Mondays ~> Sewing, quilting, & crochet posts
  • Wednesdays ~> DIY, gardening, & organizing posts
  • Fridays ~> recipes, health, & life lived posts

Monthly Posts:

  • 3rd Wednesday ~> Garden update
  • Last Friday ~> Monthly Roundup + Teadoddles Talks on Facebook Live (Eek!)
  • 1st Monday ~> QAL or CAL (look for it this fall!)

Yes, I still don’t have a QAL or CAL ready for this month.  I will be working on that over the summer & hopefully have one ready for the fall.  {More on this in the Crafty News section!}

Since my son graduates tonight, I will not be doing a Teadoddles Talks this evening.  I hope to do one next Friday {June 2nd}.  I’d really like to know what time is a good time for anyone wanting to join in, so please let me know in the comments.  ?

Crafty News

This month was busy!  It wasn’t as busy as I’d have liked on the crafty end, but rather on the work/school end.  Look out next month because I’m out of school for the summer & it will be spent making, making, making! ?  I’m still working on the macrame project from Wednesday’s post, so look for a picture next week!

The 100 Day Project ~>  Here’s the progress on my project so far.  It’s getting so big I’ll have to take it outside soon to take pictures!  Look for my project under #100daysofteadoddles on Instagram.

Grad Announcements ~>  Since my son is graduating, I had to work on sending out announcements.  This was sort of a crafty project!  His announcements were ordered through the school & his granny took his senior pictures.  I used PicMonkey to make the picture I sent with his announcements.  It was so easy!  I also ordered prints online at CVS Pharmacy with a coupon – 50 prints for $6.50!  They were ready within the hour & I picked them up after school.  Yay!

Quilts ~>  

Last month I posted my mini quilt I started for a challenge from Farm House Quilts.  If you love fabric & quilting, you need to check out her blog & Facebook group – I love those ladies!  They understand the fabric love!  Anyway, here’s the finished mini!  {Reminder – I used fabric from the Maureen Cracknell fat quarter pack I ordered from Needle & Foot.}

My first quilt to combine two of my crafty loves – crochet & quilting!  This month’s challenge is making something with yoyos.  That’s a real challenge for me because I’ve never made them before!  Can y’all believe that?  ?

I did manage to catch up on one BOM from A Quilting Life.  These prints are from the Apricot & Persimmon Collection from Riley Blake.  This fabric is scrumptious & these pictures don’t do it justice, so check out the link!

I almost got caught up on the Aurifil Designer of the Month, just missing this month’s block.  It’s all about the color wheel this year!  The purples are tough for me because I have a serious lack of the color in my stash for some reason!

This is a little art quilt I made for one of my students that graduates with my son tonight.  He is planning on going into the field of drafting, plays soccer, & loves bright colors.  At least he wears bright colors very frequently!

I did this for my graduating students last year & they seemed to like it.  No pictures though!  ☹

Don’t forget to check out the Great Links section in the sidebar for links to great linky parties, QAL’s, & such!  It’s below the post if you’re reading this on a mobile phone.  Also, check out my Pinterest profile for more crafty inspiration!

Coming up in June…..

This month should be packed full of projects & interesting things!  Here’s a little sneak peek!

Health Journal ~>  I thought making this public would help me be more accountable, however, it just made it more of a burden.  I’ve decided to take it down & work on other things.  You can look for the story {so to say} of my thyroid cancer experience coming up in June.  It took me longer to write than I thought, but maybe it will help those going through similar experiences.

Ultimate Bundles ~>  There’s an awesome bundle coming up in June I think y’all will find very useful.  It’s the Ultimate Work-a-Home Bundle & it is full of all the information you need to start working from home!  This is something I’m still working on myself, so it’s coming out at the perfect time.  Look for it June 7th!

DIY ~>

Remember this pan from last month?

Well it’s been disassembled by my dad with the help of a blow torch!  I’ll be joining it with my jewelry stand, a bowl, & some crepe myrtle branches for a project that has me very excited!  Stay tuned!

There’s lots of things on my shelves waiting to be turned into something wonderful as well!  I’ve got plates, broken glass, wood parts, egg crates, etc. just waiting for their turn!

More goodies on this shelf!  Wood shelf partitions, an old lamp shade, & spice rack.  The quilt was one my Memaw Teadoddle made that I’m working on repairing.

There’s also all these cardboard tubes that need to be something besides in my way!  Ideas appreciated! ?

Sewing ~>

I’ll also be working on organizing my fabric stash {mainly scraps} with some ideas I found around the web.

There’s more tutorials coming up on altering clothes to fit & general clothes making.  I want a new wardrobe before school starts back!  There’s also clothing waiting for a remake on my rack.

As you can see this month is going to be jam packed with making!  Yay!  ?

Before y’all, I have a few questions, please!

  • What time is a good time to have Teadoddles Talks?  It doesn’t really work if no one’s there to talk to!
  • As far as a QAL &/or CAL, what would y’all like to see?  I’d like to know what you’d be more likely to participate in & if it should be “easy” or “advanced”.
  • How about those cardboard tubes – any ideas?  I’ve asked this on Instagram as well & got some great suggestions.  They need to be out of my space, but I don’t want to throw them away!  ?

Please let me know in the comment section below or you can email me at mammajamma77(at)teadoddles(dot)com.

Okay, this is getting kinda long, so I’ll let y’all go for now!  Have an awesome & safe Memorial Day weekend!

Looking for something to do this holiday weekend?  Check out the Craftsy Memorial Day sale!  Top classes for just $10!!  That’s an awesome price & you don’t want to miss out.  Even if you have more “outdoorsy” plans this weekend, it will still be there for a rainy day!



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  1. Guida says:

    First happy anniversary for your blog, second congratulations to your son for graduating and to you for all you did for him. Third, I don’t know where you get the time or energy for all you have planned, but I love it and will enjoy reading your blog. Take care.

    • Kristie Cook says:

      Thank you Guida! I always feel like I’m running behind & not doing enough. Guess I do more than I think!

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