Quick & Easy Projects Using Leather Scraps

If you stopped by this past Monday, you may have seen my DIY Stitched Leather Bracelet post.  I thought I’d show y’all some “no sew” ways to use leather scraps today.  You can find all kinds of projects using leather scraps around the interwebs, but not all are easy to do.  All of these projects are very easy to do & some would make great gifts.  In fact, they are so easy this is probably the shortest post I’ve done in a long time!

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Cut Outs

Just as a reminder, this is my box of leather & faux leather scraps.  You can buy bags of leather scraps at Michael’s in case you need some!  ; )

I had these cookie cutters sitting out in a dish on my microwave.  For some reason they haven’t made it back into my cookie cutter container!  Anyway, when I spotted them, I thought they would make great templates for cut-outs.

I just traced them onto the back of the leather with a pencil…

Then I cut them out with my fabric scissors reserved for heavy fabrics.  I love how they look!

I could use them for a garland or gift tags or stick them on a frame.  You’ll be seeing these again in a future project!

I wanted to try out a freehand drawing, so I drew up a quick feather on the back of the mauve Naugahyde.

Once I cut it out, I realized maybe I should have angled the lines a little more, but I still like it!  This could be used for the same things as the leaves.  Maybe even a pendant or bookmark too!

Leather is really easy to cut out & holds it’s shape well.  These cut-outs are great starters for many different projects plus they’re easy to make!

Key Chains

I don’t know many people that don’t have a key chain for some purpose – even if it’s not for keys!  Leather is great for making a key chain fob because it’s so durable.

I’m using a book ring because I find them much easier to use than a split key ring.  For this key chain, I’m also using eyelets & an eyelet setter.  Eyelets come in so many different sizes & colors plus they are easy to attach.

You do have to cut away the leather for it to work.  I press the eyelet on the leather to mark it for a cutting guide.  Then I folded part of a strip over, leaving room to attach the book ring.  Align the setter & tap it with a hammer & voila!

This looks great plain or tasseled…

I think guys might like the plain one better & gals would like the tasseled one.  Of course it depends on the person!

For the second key chain, I’m making a leather tassel.  This is one I had started a while back & I was trying to put an eyelet through it – thus the hole.  That wasn’t working too well!  This is just a square or rectangle of leather with slits cut to within 1/2″ or so of the end.  It helps to mark a stopping point on the back.

I made a loop with a narrow piece of contrasting leather – about 1/2″ x 2″.  This was placed on one edge of the backside & I used an Elmer’s permanent tape runner on the back to help hold it together.  Then I rolled it up & wrapped the top with twine.

I think one of these may make it into my purse!  ; )  This might also be great as a pendant for a necklace.

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Super Simple

My final project is about as simple as it gets!  Some of my faux leather samples have a pinked edge & I found a piece that’s perfect for a bookmark.  Since this has such great texture, it really doesn’t need anything else!

You could always add an eyelet or tassel!  Hope y’all enjoyed my quick and easy leather projects!


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