Quick and Easy Rustic Charm Christmas Wreath


Only 5 more nights until Christmas!  I’m finishing up presents and last minute gift shopping.  Are y’all finished or still working on it too?  At least I finally decided what to do for my Christmas wreath before Christmas got here!  I’ve tried several different ideas, but none were really speaking to me.  I decided to keep it simple like my hanging outdoor basket.  Then it all came together fairly easily, like it was meant to be.  If you’re still looking for something to adorn your door, maybe this Rustic Charm Christmas Wreath will fit the bill!

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I started with a basic grapevine wreath painted with some antique gold acrylic paint.  Originally it was going to be my fall wreath, but I couldn’t decide what to do.  It never got put up in time for fall, so I’m using it for Christmas!  The only other things I used were:

  • 1″ wired ribbon – Wider ribbons will work too, it just depends on how much of the grapevine you want to see.
  • red twine – This is great for gifts and tags too!
  • ornament – My ornament came from the same set I used in my outdoor hanging basket.
  • rosemary sprigs – clipped from my rosemary bush.

blank wreath

Putting it Together

This is so easy to do and takes less than 15 minutes to put together.  First I wrapped the ribbon around the wreath, trying to make it somewhat even.  Just wrap the ends around a twig in the back of the wreath to secure.  I tucked rosemary sprigs in between the ribbon going in a clockwise direction.

add ribbon and rosemary

Looks pretty good so far, just needs a little sparkle!  I cut a piece of twine about 20″ to 24″ long and folded it in half.  Insert the loop through the top of the ornament.

Now put the ends through the loop to secure the ornament.

I wrapped the twine around a grapevine towards the back and tied it with a knot.  Then I looped it through another, tied to secure, and cut the ends.

This helps hide the knot and make sure it doesn’t fall off.  Now the wreath is ready to display!

I found this over-the-door hanger at Walmart for about $6!  Since I want the ornament to stay fairly centered, I put the hook through the twine loop.

When Christmas is over, I can strip the rosemary sprigs to use for cooking!

I’ve got gifts to wrap and cookies to bake, so that’ all for today!  Hope y’all have a marvelous Monday!

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