Ready for weekend fun!


The weekend is just around the corner and this one is exciting!  If people asked me what my favorite day of the week was, I always said Friday.  Most people like Saturday or Sunday.  When I worked a “regular” job in an office, I always noticed that everyone was “lighter” on Fridays.  The dress code is usually lax, people are excited about plans for the weekend, and anticipation fills the air.  That’s why I like Fridays!

Today I am especially excited in anticipation of Saturday!  Why is that?

#1 – It’s my Mom’s birthday!

#2 – It’s my 3 year anniversary being cancer free!

As you can see, this is a VID – very important day!  At least in my family it is!

We will be spending the day together with our family, probably just enjoying each others company.  There will definitely be coffee involved, but beyond that….yet to be seen!

You know what else is great about Fridays?  Cents of Style Fashion Friday!

This is a great place for cute and creative fashion!  I have ordered from them before and never been disappointed!  They always have FREE shipping with no minimum purchase!  Woo HOO!  Today they have a great deal on really cute, summery skirts.

Such a great variety and you can get 50% off + FREE SHIPPING with the code SKIRT16.


These are so easy to pair with a tee shirt or dressy top as you can see.  Perfect for summer get-togethers or the office!








Hope ya’ll have a fan-ta-bu-lous weekend!  Until next time, what’s your favorite day of the week?

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