A Visit to the New Local Produce Market

It’s that time of the month to look around my garden & yard & see what I’ve been up to.  The answer to that is – not much!  My garden & yard is long over due for a good clean up, especially after the bad weather from hurricane Irma.  No one wants to see that!  I decided to stop by & check out the new produce market in town because my parents can’t stop talking about it.  After visiting & meeting the owner – Myra Teate – I can see what all the fuss is about!  She agreed to let me take some photos & share them here on the blog.  There is so much more than produce here, so let’s take a look!

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Beautiful Produce

Let’s dive right in & look at some of Myra’s goodies!  You cannot help but notice this place when driving by & I love the chalkboard feel of the sign.

This is the view from the entrance – so inviting!  All of those wonderful potted plants are for sale too!  The painted flowers are made by Beverly Harris of Pitts, GA.

Myra has these wonderful stands with inset coolers to keep sensitive veggies from wilting in the sun…

This just looks like a big, delicious salad!  She even has rainbow carrots – yum!

Myra gets Georgia grown produce whenever possible like tomatoes, squash, & peanuts.

We had some of those tomatoes at my son’s going away party this past weekend.  They were delicious & very flavorful!

You’ll also find citrus, apples, & potatoes…

And cold old fashioned sodas!  My son purchased an orange soda for himself & root beer for me.  So delicious!

I just love how she has everything set up!  Every detail has been thought of & it really shows how passionate she is about her produce market.  : )

So Much More

Myra likes to support Georgia artists & makers.  These birdhouse gourds are also by Beverly Harris.  So pretty!

Inside the store there are dog biscuits & treats made here in Georgia…

Homemade cakes made by Carol Knight of Vidalia, GA, Amish butter, & shelled peas…

Peanut & sunflower oils made in Georgia & canned goods…

There is even flour grown & milled in Georgia!  This flour is from Ginger Butts of Cochran, GA.  Her husband grows the wheat & she mills it!  They even provide flour to all of the Crisp County schools which I think is awesome!

You will even find natural & organic herbal remedies made & packaged by Georgians.

Myra even has her own corner in the store…

Passion for Produce

It was so fun meeting Myra & exploring her produce market!  She is very passionate about sharing locally grown produce & locally made products, like this goat milk soap.

She even got my son to try some of her “God’s Miracle Tea” & pose for a picture…

And yes, he did drink the whole cup!  It was very tasty!  I will definitely be making this a regular stop during my weekly grocery shopping.  There’s even a freezer with some handmade meals by “Call it Yours Casseroles”.  Love that name!

One of these would be great to have on hand for a busy week night or family gathering.  Much better than fast food!

So, if you live in the area or are passing through, be sure to check out Myra’s Produce Market.  They are gearing up for the holidays & will soon have fruit baskets available as well.  You can also connect with Myra’s Produce Market on Facebook!

Hope y’all are having a great Wednesday!



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  1. Joyce says:

    Love the photos of the produce market. We have a good sized Farmers Market here with local products like soaps, jams, jellies, honey and baked goods. I always enjoy going.

      • myra teate says:

        Thank you Joyce! Hope you can come visit us! And THANK YOU Christie! It has been my pleasure to meet you and Jacob and will be praying for his safety and good progress at college! Thank you for taking the time to do the post of our little market! I hope you and everyone who views this will come to visit us real soon!

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