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Did you see that title & wonder what happened to Teadoddles Talks?  The short answer – internet troubles!  My internet has been out for a solid week, which is not good for a blogger!  Anyway, it’s finally fixed & Teadoddles Talks will be back next Friday.  Today I thought I would share my top ten posts of 2017.  There may be so things in there newer readers missed & it’s a pretty eclectic mix!  That suits me just fine because I’m an eclectic lady!  : )

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#10 ~ Merry Moosemas Quilt

I’m going to start with number ten & work my way up!  This post was all about making the Merry Moosemas quilt kit sent to me by Wendy of Four Peaches Fabric.  It was such a fun & easy quilt to make & the quilt stayed on my bed well past Christmas!  By the way, Wendy has free shipping for all US orders on her website now.  Amazing!

Wendy was kind enough to send a kit to one lucky reader in the giveaway that accompanied the post.  Maybe that’s why it was so popular, but I like to think is was my amazing quilting skills!  Haha!

#9 ~ Peach Cobbler Pound Cake

This peach cobbler pound cake is a twist on my mom’s pound cake recipe {which I need to share!}.  Although it didn’t turn out exactly as I planned, it was still delicious.

I’ve since realized this does much better in a casserole dish or sheet pan.  Something I need to update in that post!

#8 ~ Tabletop Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

This tree came about because my large tree’s middle light section stopped working!  It was also part of the Christmas Tree Blog Hop put on by Our Crafty Mom.  My first blog hop!

I like this little tree so much, I’ve decided to get rid of my old tree.  The little tree just fits better in our space at the moment.  : )

#7 ~ How to Clean Thrifted DIY Finds

This post was all about my finds at the 100 Mile Peanut Pickin’ Yardsale that runs through our town in October.  Most things need to be cleaned up when you bring them back home because they are a little musty.  There was a second post about cleaning thrifted fabric finds as well.

Thrifting is one of my favorite things to do!  Looking through all the piles of junk to find that hidden treasure is a close second to my love of sewing.  : D

#6 ~ Quilting Goals for 2018

I did this post so I could link up with Quilting Jetgirl’s #2018PlanningParty.  It was also so I could try to get a handle on all my UFOs – quilting wise anyway!

I did manage to finish the QAL shown above before the end of the year.  Well, the quilt top – it still needs to be quilted!  You can see it in my year end roundup.

#5 ~ Ham & Pepper Jack Sliders

My son & I came up with this recipe during one of our cooking experiments.  He usually sees a recipe online & wants to try it out in the kitchen.  We changed this one up so much, it became a new recipe!

I really miss our cooking experiments since my son’s gone to college.  He did cook some peppermint mocha cookies while he was home for Christmas.  They were delicious!

#4 ~ Free Adult Coloring Pages

Even though this is not a blog post, it seems to be popular with the readers!  Drawing these coloring sheets has become a fun past time for me as well.  You have to be signed up for Teadoddles Newsletter to get access to the page, which you can do in the side bar.

I know I’m way behind on adding a new drawing & changing the password y’all!  Remember in the beginning I said I’ve been without internet for a week?  Well, I’ve had to “borrow” my parents internet to even get posts out & rely on my phone data to do any social media.  I had set aside the last week of my break from school to work on blog things & my internet said nope!  I will be working on it this weekend & send an email with a new password out by Sunday unless my internet flakes out on me again.  : D

#3 ~ A Visit to the New Local Produce Market

This was such a fun post to do for me!  I learned so many things about Georgia growers & I always love the produce I buy here.

I really wish I had taken a picture of here fabulous squash & pumpkin display later in the fall.  She even had Christmas trees for sale this winter!

#2 ~ Merry Christmas Sew-Along

I partnered with my new sewing friend Monique from Farm House Quilts to do our very first sew-along.  It seems to have been a big hit!  Our Facebook group currently has 401 members & we still get requests to join.  : )

All the patterns are still available for free & the links are right here.  Monique and I had so much fun doing this & are hoping to work together on future sew alongs!

#1 ~ College Dorm Room Ideas for Guys – A Mom’s Perspective

This post is the number one post for my blog!  I get visitors to the post on a daily basis which just blows my mind.  I wrote this in May as I was preparing for my son to graduate high school.  Everything I looked up about college dorms was mostly for girls.  I guess this was popular because it was just for guys!

My son is all moved in to his apartment & he would not let me buy anything extra until he saw it.  The apartment was fully furnished & it has all the appliances.  The only thing he really needed was a coffee pot!

I really enjoyed looking back at the year and seeing what was most popular.  It’s surprising to me what people like sometimes!  I’m working on making a gallery style list for posts in the different categories.  I really like how you can see everything in a tile formation rather than a list.

I hope everyone has a great weekend & be sure to check out my new Facebook group Teadoddles Makers.  There will be more posting happening there since I finally have working internet!  : D


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